Green Architects are Environmentally Conscious

What Does it Mean to Build Green?
Buildings and homes that are not built for sustainability consume more energy, resources and create greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to negative impacts on the environment. Building green is a process of consciously thinking about how to reduce the carbon footprint locally and globally.
For buildings and homes to contribute to environmental sustainability, they must be designed, constructed and used in a way that reduces the ecological impact. The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is committed to accelerating the transformation of the nation's buildings to high-performing, healthy green buildings, homes and communities throughout the country. Canada is considered one of the global leaders in green building with some of the most innovative and advanced buildings in the world. There are now over 1500 LEED certified projects in Canada, and over 4500 projects registered for certification.
Apart from the obvious benefits to the environment and the fact that building green uses fewer resources, other advantages include:
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Longer lasting structures
  • Cleaner, healthier air quality
  • Reduced water consumption
Green building requires thinking differently about the structure as an extension of the ecosystem and how improved design, construction, operation and maintenance can help to preserve the environment for future generations.
Get Listed as a Green Architect
Canada Builds Green is a new online directory of Canada's most forward-thinking companies and organizations that provide green building products and services and are looking to advance the green building movement. The comprehensive database is the fastest and easiest way to locate green architects in the industry. Becoming a member of the directory, provides a company with international exposure to:
  • Clients
  • Partners
  • Distributors
  • Potential customers
To be listed on the Canada Builds Green Directory, companies, organizations or individuals can become a CaGBC member and get a free basic listing, or purchase a public listing for a low yearly fee. Members of the CaGBC receive a free basic listing, along with upgraded options. With a national membership of over 1600 industry organizations involved in designing, building and operating buildings homes and communities, the CaGBC is the leading and most recognized authority in reducing the environmental impact of the built environment.
It Pays to be a Member
In addition to being listed on the Canada Builds Green Directory, there are several other advantages to becoming a CaGBC member. Being a CaGBC member shows a commitment to the future of green building in Canada to the entire industry. CaGBC membership provides opportunities such as:
  • Networking
  • Credibility
  • Professional Development
  • Discounts on education, and LEED registration and certification
  • Access to exclusive market research and data, like the new CaGBC/McGraw Hill Construction Green Building in Canada Study - the first of its kind.
The CaGBC also offers several educational opportunities like LEED exam preparation, workshops to earn and maintain your LEED credentials, and all kinds of other courses in various formats that cover all aspects of the growing green building and sustainability industry. Discounts on various green education programs are available to CaGBC members.
Building green is rapidly gaining in popularity as more architects, builders and homeowners recognize its benefits. The Canada Builds Green Directory is where you can find the greenest architects in Canada. If you are an architect that uses sustainable building techniques, you will want your name on the list. Building green is building smart. Sign up with the CaGBC to add your voice to the rapidly growing green building movement and be recognized as an industry leader.
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